As a real estate broker, Alexander has successfully negotiated the sale and lease of commercial property with some of the largest property owners in New England and with several Fortune 500 companies. ​

As a real estate developer and in his group of family's businesses, Alexander’s has led teams to obtain land use entitlements for several gas stations, convenience stores, and retail projects. Through this Alexander has been involved in numerous legal & zoning proceedings where he has a relentless track record of winning. In Alexander’s early career, he supported c-level decision making at Cumberland Farms & Gulf Oil. He holds an MBA with concentrations in Finance and Accounting.

When Alexander is taking time off from real estate, he enjoys adventure travel and aerial photography. His growing passion for photojournalism has allowed him to establish a portfolio of work relating to world issues of conflict and humanitarian crisis. His work has been featured in many prominent news and media outlets including NewsWeek Magazine.